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Y E  M A  S E L L S 

Published by Domenico Kang
Exclusive Editorial
3 February. 2023

“Whilst every scouse ma has sold Avon, The catalogue that seems to be forgotten stands extremely popular in Liverpool. With insults like “ye da sells Avon on the Mersey ferry”, This shoot will take on the roles of selling Avon and using them as the cover girls. Re imagining Avon as the British icons and glamour-pusses they are/were.” Every week after school about tea time my neighbour would come round with their Avon catalogues trying to shift the latest beauty product. Sometimes my mum would even go to hosted Avon parties by neighbour reps where all the local women would try serums and glosses galore. Growing up as a young girl in 2000’s Britain, I would be so in awe of these women; I thought the yummy mummy’s, Retired ladies to even the college beauty students that would knock on my our door trying to make a sale were the most glamorous girls id ever seen. ‘Ye ma sells Avon’, derived from such a heavy focus of scouse reps back in the day, is a series that re-imagines my memories of the reps beauty as-well as its role within the transgression of working class femininity and beauty in 2000’s Britain.



Art Direction & Photography by Eleanor Thorndyke Makeup by Gabrielle Kaya & Skye Macdonald Model by Laeeqa, Hannah Bailey, Kira BreithauptNicole-Douglas Wilson, Isabel Atkinson and Ash Taylor



Fashion by Cavalli, Diesel, Minnanhui, Morgan de toi, Juicy and Burberry