T I M E  T R A V E L E R

published by Domenico Kang
Exclusive Editorial
6 March. 2021

“Time Traveler” is a fashion story based on an individual who travels to the past and the future. The editorial is divided into 2 sections, one of the past and one of the future. The styling is also meant to complement the theme of each time period.

In this series, she travels back to the past to revive a period of nostalgia, delving in items like the lava lamp and the carom board which were prominent items of the past. Many of us tend to cling on to the past as well which is also displayed in the images. The long hair symbolizes the connection between the past and the future. Conversely, she also travels to the future, consequently living in a more “robotic” age and complemented with more futuristic styling.

Photography & Art Directing by Eugene Lee Styling by Nguyen Minh Ha Hair & Makeup by Beno Lim Styling Assistant by Tra Nguyen Model by Du Yue from Mannequin Studio

Fashion by Subtle Studios, Thaihuy Officieo, Alexander Wang and Maison Margiela.