T I M E  D I S T O R T I O N 

A N  E X P E R I M E N T A L  C L I N I C

published by Domenico Kang
Exclusive Editorial
5 February. 2021

This commonly occurs during intense hallucinogenic experiences and seems to stem from the fact that during an intense trip, abnormally large amounts of experience are felt in very short periods of time This can create the illusion that more time has passed than actually has. For example, at the end of certain experiences, one may feel that they have subjectively undergone days, weeks, months, years, or even infinite periods of time.

Time when we are are abused by unexpected. We are getting hypnotise by the system. Our Editorial shows time travels with angles and distortion including entering different horizons and emotions..We all have the feeling that time has slowed down.

Photography by Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok Art Directing by Keyi Studio Styling by Samantha Pletzke Hair & Makeup by Claudia Fischer Model by Maja Bons from IZAIO Management 

Fashion by Felipe Asan Escobar, Ylenia Gortona, Luisa Lauber, Meriska Suparman, Laurin Schuler, Marcel Ostertag, Harley DavidsonLelektra, Remesalt, Guiseppe TellaMelisa Minca, Juhin Ko, Jil Sander from Haha You're Ugly Store, Escada and Friedrich Hülskamp.