T H R E A D  O F  G R I E F

published by Domenico Kang
Exclusive Editorial
29 January. 2021

The editorial "Thread of grief" is inspired by the agony of melancholia and refers to the Japanese philosophy of mono not aware: literally "the pathos of things". It is the awareness that everything exists temporarily. The fleetings of youth, the fading of romance, or the changing seasons are not to be mourned, but cherished and appreciated in their impermanence, for that is where the beauty comes from.

Photography by Ilaria Primerano  Styling by Natália Novotná Hair & Makeup by Anna Jerich Photo Assistant by Manuel Bonfitto Model by Gail Pelizzari from Women Direct Milano

Special thanks to Studio Alzaia 192

Fashion by PierAntonioGaspari, Re-Hash, Berwich and Tagliatore from Domingo communication.

Sfizio, Gianluca Capannolo, Malone Souliers, Beatrice B and Chie Mihara from Attila and Co.

Romeo Gigli & Judy Zhang from Teresa La Fosca and Yiting Ambra Li