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Time is passing, people's buildings are getting higher and highr, looking out their roofs to heaven. Man has been living not among  wildlife, but inside of a roaring living body splashed with motorways and streets, skyscrapers and so on. It seems, the nature backed off as in real life as in human worldviews. However, hallowed by generations age - old traditions are hard to destroy. Aren't there holy woods and deer, wandering among the trees, may make you feel enchanted for hours? That's no problem!

Skyscrapers with large number of Electric lights took place of objects of "tragic" beauty in japanese citizens' minds who can watch wildlife just by means of display of computers and mobile phones. Art and poetry lost the postion. Instead of them People enjoy photo and video of busy cities nightsight.

But music reains, it just changes the formats of perception. And there, where many years ago a beautiful birdsong was heard, now sounds lyrixal hum of synths and saxaphones, singing Ode to this sleepless metropolis.

Photography: Klimovich Nikita

Styling: Tati Cheshik

Makeup: Olga gurinovich

Model: Alexandra KalashnikovaNagorny models

Clothes by 1unomas1uno