The Holy Mountain

404 Studio’s collection is inspired by the well-known “HOLY MOUNTAIN” of ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY. The Holy Mountain is a surrealist film from 1973, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, who also wrote the script and participated as an actor and composer, among other things.

404 Studio takes as reference the art direction, the characters and the “sacred mountain” itself that is present in the form of hats, sinuous lines and accessories.

As main material, we used lurex and cotton that come together under the motto of “Burn Your Money”

Photographer: Carlos Roca and Anaïs Vauxcelles

Art Direction: Anaïs Vauxcelles

Makeup & Hair: Gala Philippe

Stylist: Eduardo Jairycovich

Production: Sergio Valverde

Assistant of makeup: Mar Bolos

Asisstants: Jose Gallego and Isamel Aguilar

Model: Cloe Franco, Alejandro Rentería and Angie Rodriguez @ Carmen Duran Agency

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