T H E  E N D

published by Domenico Kang
Exclusive Editorial
26 January. 2021

Reproducing the celebration of Christmas as a way to redefine it. It shows a family holiday and deep personal feelings associated with it. The artwork emphasizes an author’s old experiences, fears and complexes, that translate into six characters - members of a feast. Each character is a collective image of personal remnants of the past.

Photography & Art Directing by Marussia Skopintseva Styling by Zoya Prosekova Hair & Makeup by Alexandra Zamyatina Photography Assistant by Alexandra Paneva
Model by Alexander Guryev, Alexeyeva Vicoletta, Svetlana Efremova, Eduard Kashporov and Marussia Skopintseva

Fashion by Vertigo, Evgeniya Barkova, Lana Morozova, Dr. Martens, Void Shoes, TopshopOff White, Kruzhok, Archivator vintage and Calzedonia