T H E  B E A U T Y  O F  G A R B A G E

published by Domenico Kang
Exclusive Editorial
23 February. 2021

Beauty of Garbage is a project that has been inspired by the art found on the residue.This Editorial shows a mixture in between fashion and waste where colors, textures and shapes blend into a concept becoming part of a whole new unit.
The fact of making these two concepts become one, makes surrealism play an important role in the editorial. Bricks flying, impossible standing poses, plastic birds and more, are part of a story where everything can happen when we put together fashion and garbage.

Photography by Pedro Devalo Art Directing & Styling by Manuel Mendi Hair & Makeup by Sandra García for ICON Mön ICON Team Photography Assistant by Sara López Model by Gema Zhou from River Agency

Fashion by IT Spain, House of Hedra, Fila, Camper, Maison Mesa, OSB Vintage, Bershka, Blas Moreno, Zara, Police, Manuel Mendi and Caná Designs