T E E N 


published by Domenico Kang
29 November. 2020
Exclusive Editorial

"For all of you that live in 'Nostalgia's Planet'; sadboy, little superstars, nostalgic, melancholy and crybabys this is for you.." 

"We will tell of the nostalgia that you feel towards something not lived directly. We will tell the story about a boy and a girl who live in an era that doesn't represent them at all, and they can't found their right place in the contemporary world.

So they locks theirself up in this perfect aesthetics, where everything takes us back to a world that is no more, of which we actually feel the lack about."

Photography by Leonardo Tiziani Styling by Elena Togni Makeup by Martina Falzone Model by Rooc Lee

Fashion by Brooksfiel, Carhartt WIP, Collusion, Copkiller, Errea, Favant, Kangol, Les copain, Nike, Northwave, Pleasure, Ralph Lauren, Suicoke, The raggest priest, Usual, Vans, Versace, Vintage supply and Zara

August Issue

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