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Love is our show

When she saw her walking down the club she smiled as their sights meet.

She was incredibly charming and there was something in her eyes that let her felt somehow uncomfortable.

She simply couldn't kept away her eyes from her and she felt burning inside in a mixture of bliss and shyness.

Does she knew her?

The unknown woman started to dance on the stage but while she was dancing she kept on staring at her.

She felt attracted by her movements and garments that showed her refined taste;

they were there, together, and it seemed that no one was around in that club.

The dresses were moving in a soft rhythm of a courtship and, while she was wondering if it was the case to get closer

this lady, suddenly she find herself next to her.

There she could feel her breath and she found satisfied by this while somewhere,

in her mind, she was already embrace by her as she was letting go thoughts and concerns.

She was taking her away from the club with her imagination

in a space with no borders, a seamless territory for them and her consciousness.

Her need for abandonment was satisfied, she felt protected, she felt finally herself.

Photography: Lorenzo Berni

Styling: Efe-I

Makeup: Rachel Shepeherd

Hair: Sherean Miller

Casting: Bella Robinson

Models: Valerya @ Titanium Management & Hilda @ MandPmodels 

Assistant: Simone Morciano

Clothes by Malan Breton, Lucy Baxter, DODO BAR OR, Miu Miu, Rocky Star, Frame Chain glasses, Bella Freud lamé, Isabel Marant, Midnight 00, Joanna Cave, Nynne, Minki London, Rebecca Taylor lamé, Malan Breton, Nynne, S. Novio, Lucy Baxter, Rocky Star rufed, Maria Lucia Hohan, MANÉ, Malan Breton, Vanda Jacintho, Brogger, Lucie Gledhill, Gucci and Berta Cabestany