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Sneakers Club

Creative Director: Domenico Kang

Photographer: Lim Hansoo

Stylist: Park Junghee

Makeup: Park Sangeun

Hair: Ma Junho

Photography Assistant: Lee Dong Hee, Minwook Jurn

Makeup Assistant: Son Dasom

Hair Assistant: JJang U

Stylist Assistnat: Kang Dongwoo

Models: Jino Kim, Ali, Frederik @ D2ND Models @ Next Models Milan

Location & Clothes collaboration: Boon the Shop Case Study

All Clothes & Accessories by Casestudy : Vetements, Versace, Maison Margiela, Casablanca, 032c, C2H4, Bianca Chandon, Stone Island, CMMN SWDN x Ace & Tate, Rokit, Studio Alch, Nike, Nike x Pigalle, Nike x Mattew Senna, Adidas, Adidas x Pharrell Williams, Asics, CasestudyFake ClubShoes53045, Athletics Footwear, Vans, HUF and Converse.