The “SIRIUS” editorial was created upon the destructive sect “Order of the Solar Temple”. In 1994, its members massively ignited for the incorporeal moving to Sirius. The illusory apocalypse of the 20th century led to a large number of destructive sects, some were waiting for the Second Coming, the others believed in salvation by extraterrestrial intelligence. But all of them often committed suicude en masse. These costumes designed by me as ceremonial attire for adepts to perform their rituals. They were constructed on the intersection of the archaic forms of religious doctrines, and futurism as a privilege of the new life.

Photography: Lilit Lysa

Styling: Lilit Lysa

Make Up: Anna Boeva

Models: Nastia TemnayaKseniya Ursta

Clothes by Lilit Lysa