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Paris Collection.
19 January. 2021




SANKUANZ Autumn/Winter 2021 is the result of the post-pandemic era. When public order is compromised, when common sense is challenged, when chaos and disorder become the new norm, how would human beings cope with this reality? This is the subject this season is trying to address.

The show was held under a 1/3 scale replica of the Eiffel tower in Tiandu City, Hangzhou. The absurd building covered in hasty darkness stands as the symbol of pre-pandemic civilisation, as well as a joke with dark humor.

The collection continues the cold and sharp style from previous seasons. The metal spikes, buckled leather straps as well as the cilices meticulously hidden around the waist, may all seem to be terribly aggressive. But in fact, the aggressions are directed at the wearer himself, symbolising self-punishment. If this world-wide pandemic is nature's punishment for the human race, then self-punishment is to offset sorrow with sorrow. Attack and defence form together a dynamic balance.

Randomness is another major feature of the collection. Designer Shangguan Zhe burned the denim fabric with flame torches in order to create unique and irreproducible patterns. Meme prints convey fleeting emotions in the form of pop culture. Both of these attempts intend to capture ephemeral possibilities.

Exaggerated shoulders, metal tassel dress, tweed suits densely decorated with studs... all these details showcased a novel definition of craftsmanship and modern luxury. Low-rise design is adopted for the very first time and is paired with quality denim fabric. The Othala symbol is further enhanced this season. Reoccurring Othala accessories create a mysterious atmosphere for the collection. The Othala symbol gains power through repetition.

SANKUANZ presents this season its new bag collection "OTHALA", a classic square bag with extra wide shoulder strap, detailed with Othala symbol and metallic buckles. The bag is available in two colours. The "CUBE" square-toe sneakers are also available in two new colours this season. The pre-released GENTLE MONSTER sunglasses collaboration is also embellished with the SANKUANZ signature Othala symbol on the side.

This season, artist Zhou Yilun collaborated with SANKUANZ for the first time, deconstructing some of the pieces with his signature disruptive approach. Artist Zhang Ding, who collaborated with the brand last season, also made a cameo appearance in the video. The band Stolen tailor-made the music for the collection.

This season's video also features SANKUANZ's new collaboration with G-SHOCK, the MT-G series, which will be available soon.

SANKUANZ Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection

Paris Fashion Week© Online

Styling: Shangguan Zhe
Artistic Collaboration: Zhou Yilun
Show Production: Mo Problem Today
Hair Style: Xuyouhua Hair Team
Make-up: Jessica
Make-up Assistant: Yu Han, Meizi
Special Effects Make-up: Wu Maoli
Site Assistant: Reason,Stephanie,Nuo Chen,Sisicai,Yanpu Huang,Maddy,Bambixy,Soda,Stephanie Wu

Casting: Mo Problem Today

Models: Liu Hao, Wang Cunxiao, Guo Yi, Fei Fan, Ren Yaowei, Han Sicheng, Hu Yifu, Zhang Jian, Zhan Yunfei, Du Bohao, Kai Yuan, Wang Zizhen, Lukaz, Shan Yijiao, Long Fengjiao, Wang Ziye, Yang Menghuan, Hu Shixuan, Tang Shuya, Jiezi, Mona, Lin Changjian, Bella, Kuku, Marcus
Special Guest: Uli, Han Zong, Tory, Rui Ho

Special Guest Artist: Zhang Ding

Turn Black (SANKUANZ 21AW Remix) Music: STOLEN

Director&Editing: Feng Liang DOP: NEO Yang
Video Production House: Dooku Video Producer: Tiky Ni B-CAM: Da Dong

Steadicam DOP: Chen He
Aerial photography: Luo Runyi
1st Camera Assistant: Tong Dejie, Li Yang
Camera Assistant: Qiu Fei, Min Xiangpeng
Gaffer: Cui Wei
Gaffer Assistant: Wang Genbao, Li Lunlun, Liu Dong, Meng Tuocheng, Xu Dangguo, Li Kunkun, Jiang Xingfan, Pang Genghui
TC: Ma Dongxu
Equipment Rental: REDHOUSE
CAR: Bi Chuanzhao

Look Image photographer: Dai Xiaoyi
Look Image Photographer Assistant: Xie Miaowei Runway Photo: THE SHOOT

Site: Tianducheng (Sky City)

Backstage Photographer:Zheng Xu

Backstage Videographer:Chen Shize