R O O M  5 0 6

published by Domenico Kang
22 November. 2020
Exclusive Editorial

This story talks about a girl.
A girl who has everything, but misses something.

She nostalgically remembers the distant times when she was happy, when she felt fulfilled.

Now she feels in search of something, she spends days in her apartment wearing expensive colorful clothes, wandering from room to room looking for memories.

Photography by Elena Maggiulli Film by Ilaria Gasbarri Styling by Emanuela Cinti Hair & Makeup by Cinzia Trifiletti Model by Gloria Panighel from Elite Modeling Agency Network

Fashion by Amorphose, Gerlando, Maxrieny, Adi Karni Vagt, Bartolotta & Martorana and Maison Anastasia Mathiotte