Android Photoshoot

Kristina Shakht (born 1995) is a Saint-Petersburg-based artist working in fashion, fine art, reportage and portrait photography. She started photography in December 2017. Main themes in her work are intimacy, diversity and sexuality. The red line in Kristina’s work is also the topic of self-identity as she questions the female image in post-Soviet society with her latest series ‘Red.’


“There was no mood-board for this shoot. I wanted to experiment this time. I just chose one specific color to tell a story with – incorporating it into the vision. The glossy coat, skirt and dress reminded me of glossy lipsticks – I loved them as a teen. Some parts of the outfits are references to different eras in last 50 years. It wasn't done intentionally – Russian culture itself is cyclical, full of nostalgia and references to its own cultural existences in different times.


Red, specifically, is a significant color in Russian culture. There are so many things associated with it:

the red army, red propaganda posters, red lipstick (a red pencil from the set “Young Artist”, which was bought in the “Children's World” – «Детский мир»), red caviar, red as symbol of life in Slavic culture. That's what I see then I think about red. But this series isn’t about that – it’s about the present Russia, modern women and their self-identity. It just happens that no matter what you do, you always have the background of a symbol, meanings and interpretations. 


I always produce, shoot and do post production myself. I have several stylists that I work with but this time I styled myself. Working with Derya (MUA) for a second time was a blessing – she knows exactly how to do this clean look that I'm in love with and hair by Alena just made the story complete. We talked with Alena about rap and rock culture – how it intertwined the music is – and used it as inspiration. We also drew from aspects of “Kisloty” clubbing culture in Saint-Petersburg (the influence of Berlin, or rather Berghain). The Soviet Union certainly affects us in the modern day and in my opinion, it did not end. The influence and trauma are still alive.”

Production, Photography & Style: Kristina Shakht 

Text: Liza Miron

Edit: Catherine Chaisson 

Make Up: Derya Diktash

Hair:  Alena Moon

Photography Assistant: Ilia Pliusnin

MUA Assistant: Olga Orlova

Models: Dasha & Katya

Clothes by Jacquemus , Space Lock, vintage Dior,

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