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Papi Juice

Everything revolves around 90, everything about Cupid that

still keeps his VHS and vinyls to sew in his house in east

London, everything about a millennial who never wanted to

be cause he loves the real luxury.

Producer: Hunter Haus Studio

Creative Direction & Styling: Gumidafe Gutiér

Photography: Alej Fernández

Model: George Marreros @ Pop House

Hair: Vishal Baharani

Grooming: Erika Waldorf

Assistant: Miguel Martínez

Clothes by Kolon Sport, Linger, Nick, Trotter, Fly Fish, Sergio Tacchini (Ekamai Club) Como La Trucha Al Trucho, , Sockmsocks, Versace, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Zara, Multiopticas, Massimo Dutti, Fendi, Aday Batista, Timberland, Nike, Moncler, Parfois and Puma