Out of Human


Giorgio Matteo Lorusso’s collection explores the constant depersonalisation of human beings

caused by the static nature of contemporary society. The collection is built on the idea of everyone

nowadays primarily functioning as workers with anything that isn’t related to work coming second.

Giorgio Lorusso aims to diminish the significance of the worker and to highlight the person

inside by wrecking uniforms that can almost be considered a second skin. The designer communicates

his idea of destruction the known formal dress codes of society by translating them into

tight lycra suits. Giorgio aims to undress the worker by mending his elasticity, both aesthetically

and behaviorally, therefore freeing the worker from the chains that oppress him.

To translate Giorgio’s concept, photographer Gabriele Rosati created a sequence of photographs,

illustrating and underlining the essence of the collection. The editorial is a visualisation of the discomfort

and struggles of the workers daily life and how Giorgio’s garments denounce the trope

of the human as a worker in our current society. The sequence in which the images were shot and

presented shows the transformation of the worker throughout different stages. It all starts with

the nude human body, transitioning into the shoes of someone else, creating a second layer of

skin, the skin of the worker. This leads to the consequent loss of the humans’ own identity. The

following somewhat surreal images represent the subconscious of the worker, before ultimately

leading to a battle between the two contrasting personalities, the worker and the hidden human

self. The final step is the rejection of the worker’s skin to reclaim his real self, demonstrated by the

nude body - the first skin humans are born with.


Text: Jule Scott

Photography & Art Director: Gabriele Rosati

 Stylist: Beatrice Vesprini

Model: Arman Merdanaj

Clothes by Giorgio Matteo Lorusso