S E R I E S # 8

published by Naz Kisnisci
With Emeerree
17 March. 2021


1. Hi Aaron, nice to meet you! Could you please present yourself and your brand to our readers?

Hello! Nice to meet you too, and thanks for your interest in Emeerree. I am Aaron Moreno, creative director of Emeerree Studio, a young brand based in Madrid. We released our first collection in November 2019. Since then, something representative of the brand is the inclusion of denim in all collections, trying to renew it after launch.

2. What does fashion mean to you? What are your hopes and predictions for the future of fashion?

Fashion is an aesthetic expression. I hope that it will become more sustainable, inclusive, and friendly with everyone at some point.

3. Your universe is playful, daring, and quirky. What inspires you? Could you give us insights into your design process?

I don’t have a very defined creative process; usually, inspiration comes randomly. I go to the studio and start sketching and experimenting with the things I have in mind until I develop something I like. It is quite a fun process, which allows me to create universes so different from each other!

4. You work closely with your friends, who are also talented artists. How important do you believe is collaboration and support amongst creatives during this particular time? What have you gained from these partnerships, and what do you hope you have brought in return?

As I see it, it’s an excellent way for young creatives to support each other and expand our reach. I always work with my best friends, Lucia Lomas, an illustrator with a crazy universe of colorful monsters, Charlito, with whom I work in all the 3ds of the collections. Moreover, It has given me the chance to mix various disciplines and combining the personal aesthetics and imagination of different creators, leading to a truly unique result. I hope that they felt it was an enriching and fun experience to create something together, as it was for me.

5. Your brand seems to be based on mutual aid and a sense of community. This leads to an inclusive and strong approach to fashion and visual communication. How does the LGBTQIA+ culture influence your work, and how do you give back to your community?


I really don't think it's an influence as such, but rather the way I live things. The LGBTQIA + community is my closest environment and everything I have learned. I would not know how to do it from another perspective.

6. What feelings and sensations would you like your designs to give to the person wearing them? Is there a message that you want to convey through your garments?

I think that I am not necessarily looking for a specific feeling because each garment and each collection have very varied moods, but I would like all the people who wear them to feel comfortable and playful.

7. Your garments are made from numerous de-constructions, reconstructions, and repurposing. It is clear that you are genuinely interested and questioning the issue of sustainable fashion. What is, in your opinion, the truest way to be conscious in the fashion world? How does your brand approach the issue of sustainability?

It is impossible to be completely sustainable since we are not a staple industry, but it’s one of the most polluting. As brands, we must always commit to being the most sustainable within our reach. In Emeerree, we try to give a new life to second-hand garments in our collections and, in the case of sales production, we mainly work upon request, thus avoiding the stock excess. Likewise, when it comes to buying materials, as far as possible, we support the local business and use tares and surpluses that other companies discard.

8. In the visuals that accompany your campaigns, we notice an important use of digital imagery. This phenomenon is becoming more and more widespread, especially among younger designers. Do you think that a new visual code is being created and that digital art will take more space in the future of fashion?

Definitely, I believe that digital art has become a tool in which the possibilities are endless and that, at the service of fashion, can greatly enrich the content of brands. As creators, it allows us to unleash our imagination and achieve more impressive and faithful results to our imaginary.

9. In your opinion, how important is an online presence for

emerging brands?

It is the most important thing. In my case, Emeerree was released on Instagram, and currently, despite appearing in other media, social media is always my main diffusion tool and the most effective one. It is a global showcase where anyone with interests that match your content can easily know your project.

10. What advice would you give to an upcoming brand to

stand out amongst so many others?

Take your time, don't rush it to get digital content, and only do things you are 100% compliant with. Follow your instincts and create your own resources.