S E R I E S # 4 ​

published by Naz Kisnisci
16 December. 2020

ONNOW x PAP Magazine "WHAT'S ON?" Interview Series w. JCPAJARES REPLIES

1. Who are you and how do you describe your brand?

I'm Juan Carlos Pajares, CEO of JCPAJARES as well as the head designer. I'm passionate about design, art and culture. We are a small brand with a big voice, established in Madrid, Spain. We have shown our collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid. Our customers can discover our latest work through our social media platforms.    

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2. Could you tell us a bit more about the process and culture of your brand?

We make all our garments on demand, one by one. Made with love in Madrid, in our small atelier. Even though our products are made in an artisanal way they don't lack modernity and innovation. We want our garments to be unique, to convey a sentimental value and that's why we don't mass-produce our collections.  

3. Your designs are for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. What makes your garments so versatile? For what kind of consumer do you design for?

We believe that what makes our garments versatile is the way our clientele decides to style them. 
We have two main types of customers: younger women, who discovered our brand through social media and want to stand out amongst others, as well as more mature women, who love design, and are always looking for something special. 

4. How important is craft and material choice in your design process?

One of the most important decisions. We believe that in the process of designing a piece, the quality of the materials as well as the craftsmanship to produce said garment, is as fundamental as the creativity behind it. 

5. Your brand highlights local craftsmanship and materials, by making "on demand" garments. With the current state of the world, we saw that this kind of approach is more durable and ensures a more stable income to companies. Do you think the fashion industry needs to take a step back to establish a brighter, more sustainable future? // What is, in your opinion, the future of fashion? 

I think it's necessary to highlight  the artisans' work, especially in our world based on immediacy and mass-production. 
In my opinion, the clientele's way of consuming will change. There will be customers who will want everything immediately and then there will be others who'll value a more artisanal approach to garment-making as they enjoy the whole creative process  

6. What are your inspirations?

Art, design, trends, a feeling...

7. Do you feel successful and what do you think about success?

I feel successful everyday that I have the opportunity to work on my own project



8. What are the challenges that emerging brands are facing? Do you think there are any solutions?

The first challenge is the economic one.
The second, is to make people aware of the existence of  your brand. It's complicated and it requires a lot of time and money.

9. What do you think about the new way of productions when you consider the new digital age?

I think that the digital age helps small brands. For example, you can have an online store and constant contact with your customers which allows you to have a closer relationship with them.

10. When we consider the new world, we are seeing that the usual fashion industry is changing, which we were already expecting and now we are seeing more positive and in a way more "human" changes. What do you think about this new normal and how are you preparing the brand for it? How do you feel about it?

The truth is that nobody was prepared for this new normal.
For small companies it's a complicated situation. Since, people cannot savor social life as much as they used to, they don't have events to attend, which results in  fashion brands not selling as much as usual. But we're going to get through this! :)

11. What advice would you give to an emerging brand, trying to stand out amongst so many others? 

Work hard and connect with people who believe in your vision.