S E R I E S # 1 ​

published by Naz Kisnisci
4 November. 2020

1. How would you describe yourself and your brand?

It is not very easy for me to describe myself as it is still an

ongoing journey for me. However, I can be described as a young and fresh mind who questions “what, why and how” in the fashion world, who separates design from dressing impulse and who is against fashion. I am a dynamism who is searching for worldly answers, a new adventure and who is trying to define design with the idea of “Based on Earth”.

2.Could you tell us a bit more about the process and culture of Pakel? 


Pakel is a brand that adopts Far East aesthetic and design perspective. It is a soul that generalizes this inspiration and blends it with its own aesthetic.


3.Did you encounter any difficulties because you are based in Turkey?


If so, how did the situation affect you and the outcome?
Actually it helped me realize that it is not important where you are. Like the motto of my brand says, we are based on earth.


4.We know that you are travelling a lot. Do you think these travels inspire your vision? And how did living in between Milan and Istanbul affect your work?

When travelling takes you away from where you are, it is more thrilling to come back. Travelling gives birth to exciting

improvements and ideas, especially when you have a chance to look at your job from a distance.

5.What are your inspirations? What are you aiming for, concerning the future of Pakel?

My biggest inspiration is the Earth. It is a journey going from the most general concept that we are living in to the most specific one. Pakel is a brand that is ready to move in a more self-confident way within the new world order. With the colors and reasons of the World, for all of us.

6.What is your opinion on success and do you feel successful?

It might be a temporary notion. Satiety and wisdom are the biggest achievements according to me.


7.What are the main challenges that emerging brands are facing? Do you think there are any solutions?

The biggest problem for young creative people is being scarce in abundance.

8.What do you think about the new means of production that emerged when we entered this new digital age?

It is a very fast transition and a breaking point. The only opinion I have is that we were not ready for that and we have entered in a learning process.

9.We are seeing that the fashion industry is changing, which was expected, and now we are noticing more positive and, in a way, more “human” changes. What do you think about this new norm and are you preparing the brand for it? How do you feel about it?

Sustainability, which has turned into a lifestyle from a quick trend coined by the new
normal, has always been with me since the first day of my professional life. Last year, we opened a non-profit Pop-up store to explain what the concept of upcycling is in my country. During this period, we shared what we knew with our customers through our products as it is
not possible to have a sense of belonging without having knowledge. Now, sustainability is a concept that everyone hides behind. Unfortunately I do not think that it will continue this way. This is a time of elimination between the fashion brands with and without identity, an elimination of consciousness.


10. Would you give any advice to the designers who are building their brands?


11. We are going through some challenging times with the environmental crises, political injustices, etc. Where do you find yourself as a brand through all of this and are you taking action?

We belong to the Earth and we all live in the same place. We all are one and we deserve the beauties of the Earth equally. We increase our self-respect by showing respect to the Earth.
Our answer as a brand to everything happening around us is:

“For the peace of us, based on Earth”.