Office Human: blindfold


We refer to the modern people as 'Office Human' who fit themselves into others and situations in a repeating pattern of life. This <Office Human>, scheduled for series, is a storytelling visual work aimed at consensus among these modern people. The second project in the series, <blindfold> suggests the need of refreshment for people who are missing something important due to some reasons such as work, relationship and money. This kind of Modern people refer to the racehorses with a blindfold who can't see around because he's looking forward and running for life. We can't say that those reason, such as work, relationship and money, are wrong. But a moments of refreshment may make people realize who they are originally. What is the blindfold of the character in the scene? What is the blindfold of Us out of the scene?

Photographer: Hong Doyeun

Videographer: Lim Jaeyoung

Stylist: Do Jiyeon

Hair Artist: Park Changdae

Make-up Artist: Lee Sora

Sound Director: jadeandb

Digital Retoucher: Hong Taejin

Photography Assistant: Rah Sangboo & Assistant: Woo Dokyun

Assistant of stylist: Kim Chaeyoung Assistant of retoucher: Han Sojin

Model and Starring: Lee Jungmoon of Morph mgmt

Fashion by Minjukim, Romanchic, Daydare, Zara and Once-in-a-lifetime