Memories of Illusion

This photoshoot entitled ‘memories of illusion’ is created based on the subject of love and breakups by the collective professionals based in Seoul, South Korea. 

The garments are provided by the two fashion designers with taking in charge of overall styling. The hair and make-up artists put their touches into making the shoot visualized more on its theme. “The memories of love and breakups come out to be more illusional than it actually is.” We hope this shoot reminds you of fond memeries from your heart.



The photoshoot is based on a story of  a couple expressing feelings of what may seem ordinary but rather dramatic on the subject of love and breakups. Same sex couple in similar-looks expressing different emotions in which portrays delicate feeling between the two. The garments with romantic silhouette in low-tone neutral colors with accents of warm-tone and black intend both feelings of love and breakups exist in one space.

Photographer: Seo Junkyo

Stylist: Ys ChoiHwang Hyekyeong

Makeup: Moon Jiwon

Hair: Park Kyubin 

Retouch: Hwang Inyoung

Model: Seol Yebeen

Assistant of Photographer: Ko Eunjeong

Assistant of Makeup: Im Seonyeon

Casting Director: Angela

Fashion by Janghwang, Carlonne, Moon jiwon, Chamulsung, Hye-Kyeong Hwang, Bo-Hyun Park and Dough