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L U S T  A N D  V I C E

Published by Domenico Kang
Exclusive Editorial
3 November. 2022
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Creative Directing by Sayuri Bloom Photography by Ian Lim Hair by Ernesto Montenovo Makeup by Nina Briazu Nail by Julia Hopkins Set Design by Liv Snowden Photography Assistant by Amber Chapman & Helena Pourzand Styling Assistant by Lily Hobman Hair Assistant by Kayla Eviana & Stelios Georgiadis Model by Vik & Din Post Production by Alina & Kevin



Fashion by AYLAFAYE STUDIOS, Thierry Mugler, Edward Crutchley, Nona The Label, Schutz, LAG WORLD, PAPAYA, MITHRIDATE, Florentina Leitner, The Kooples, Marc Martha, NOKI, Paloma Suārez and Rysia Pierzchala