J E  M ' E N  V A I S   

published by Domenico Kang
9 November. 2020
Branded Contents

This series look at the African country of Nigeria and at the representation of expatriates living there. I in fact made the decision to cast white and mixed models for this project to parallel the non-African and non-black expatriates living there to illustrate my own experience as a white French person living there for 6 years.

Nigeria is the country I lived in for the longest in my life and therefore feel very attached to it. I left Nigeria in 2013 and since then, fashion has expanded dras- tically there. I sense a lot of regret that I am missing this and wanted to connect my practice today to my life in Nigeria. I decided to translate this by collaging my current work with my photos taken in 2012.

The backgrounds show the streets and landscapes of both Lagos and Port Har- court where I respectfully lived for 4 and 3 years.

Photography, Art Directing, Styling and Editing by Alma Rosaz Design & Styling by Olli Hull Makeup by Alex Reader Hair by Ellie Bond Model by Christian Saint DepSilje Mari from Pupper Bitch ManagementJuly Jones from Tank ManagementCrumb Agency