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In Our Bodies, Out Of Our Heads

The concept of “In our Bodies, Out of our heads.”

(you are grounded as the cells in the body whilst your head takes you to the higher mind of expansion)

visualize a story of a misfit who desire to find a way to coalesce her imagination with her reality.

A story of genuinity, a spiritual realization that captured the boldness of accepting life and both wild imaginations.

A quest to escape from an obscure prison that lies in your head And live freely.

”They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.’

- Edgar Allan Poe

Photographer: Agatha Aurelia

Fashion Styling and Story: Vania Delvina

Make-up: Shabrina Nesya

Make-up Assistant: Amalia Cantiqa​

Model: Alena Vorobyova @ Rad Models Management

Equipments: Camera - Nikon FM-1, Film - Fujicolor C200

Clothes by Wilsen Willim, Putri Nugreni, Jeamie, Aidan and Ice, 

Rama Dauhan, Mader, Wee Studios and Maryalle