F X L B  X  C I T T Y 


2 November. 2020
New Collaboration

The New York-based creative laboratory FOXYLAB NEW YORK collaborates with street artist CITY KITTY to launch a new unisex collection PATTERNS & SYMBOLS.

PATTERNS & SYMBOLS is a hybrid of fashion and street art.

The collection includes 5 basic pullovers of white, grey melange, and black color, two of which are made of scuba, and the rest — of organic cotton. A work on the collection allowed artist to deconstruct his expressive tropes into patterns and designs, that are adaptable to fashion. The symbolic elements of City Kitty have a slight, but recognizable psychedelic twist in their random appearance on FXLB pieces.

For the past 10 years City Kitty has been pasting elaborate, hand-drawn scenes of an adventurous street cat onto buildings and alleyways throughout North America and Europe. Best known for his large-scale drawings of cats and humans with extraneous facial features, City Kitty has created an alternate urban reality with a touch of double vision. His work is featured prominently on the streets of New York, London, Barcelona and Berlin, among others.

Foxy Lab New York Introducing Art Into Fashion.

'Awaken' x City Kitty


Photography Alicia Shi, Art Direction & Styling by Oxana De, Communications by Kristina Galants