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Fragmented Youth

Fragmented Youth is a sensory-driven exploration into multi-layered nostalgia.

Dancer Mathew Prichard and Director Ewan Waddell rediscover an old friendship whilst capturing a movement language Mathew developed to reconcile fading memories of his childhood disability of deafness. On the fringes of lonely towns whilst hitchhiking through Western Europe, the film depicts a world of eternal sunshine, conjuring idealised notions of youth. The eerie soundscape created by Ed Myhill pulls the audience into Mathew’s disorientating recollections of his early sensory existence.

Director: Ewan Waddell & Mathew Prichard

Choreographer: Mathew Prichard

Dancer: Mathew Prichard

Cinematography: Ewan Waddell

Editor: Mathew Prichard

Music: Ed Myhill

Costume: Kat Collings

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