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Paris Collection.
22 January. 2021

A dream is a road to the unconscious. But what if your waking life feels just as surreal?

An awakening, with sensations clinging to the senses. Images coming back in flashes. Memories slipping out of grasp the more you focus on them. A feeling of uncertainty as dreams blend into reality. Anxiety and isolation beating at the edge of our consciousness.

For the past few months, we have felt in the grips of an uncontrollable reality. As business owners, uncertainty, anxiety and stress have been a constant in our lives. As creatives, this has forced us to examine what mattered and what we wanted to say, within this ever-shifting framework.

If we have to roll with the punches right now, we wanted to build the aesthetic around it. Instead of clinging to the foundation of the brand, we looked at the spaces where reality crept in.

That meant breaking away from the perfectionism of the traditional masculine wardrobe that has been our signature, by embracing the casual elements that are inscribed in our collective memory as off-duty gear – the print t-shirt, tartan trousers, but also a lush robe that doubles as a coat. The handmade mixed in with the tailored. Layers that create a silhouette as seamless as your day.

Throughout, we used roses, thorny beauties who marry harshness and softness, as a graphic motif. For botanical buffs, their names too are symbols of Ernest W. Baker: Americana, Belle Blonde, Sterling Silver.

To bring the season to life, we turned to the cinematic, not for its storytelling power but for the aesthetic feel that half-remembered dreams, and the past year, have left us with.

The foundation of the video is the feeling of a lucid dream. Dreamy sequences, strong colors, beautiful frames, a hint of stress – the universe created by Wong Kar-Wai in Falling Angels. A rush of emotion, feelings rather than words, a bittersweet palette – the Wings of Desire unfurled by Wim Wenders. Surrealist vistas, creeping unease, memories yet to happen – David Lynch taking a turn into Mulholland Drive.

What we strongly believe in at Ernest W. Baker is that reinterpreting the past serves to inspire the present and transform the future. And right now, we have only one certitude: even the worst of dreams will eventually fade into the wakefulness of a new day. Here’s to a good morning ahead.

Inês Amorim & Reid Baker Viana do Castelo, Portugal January 2021