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Long before cell phones were invented and AI endangered our jobs, long before bed bugs infested Paris, and long before the question, whether or not Ye (formally known as Kanye West) could become U.S. president even arose. There was a time when all of earth’s creatures
coexisted in harmony. A time with endless resources, when materialism wasn’t valued higher than morals and everyone was free, regardless of identity and origin. That was the age of peace...the age of Atlantis.

Today we know, that Atlantis probably never existed. But the myth stays – carrying with it the idea of a utopian world. Together, the Ukrainian photographer Sasha Kushakov, upcoming stylist Amelie Bachert and the successful Hair and Makeup Artist Servulo Mendez Rey formed
a team to make that dream become reality: The Editorial “Atlantis” features a selection of international models from Senegal, Vietnam, the UK and Japan who are staged as priests and priestesses of the ancient city. For that, the stylist decided to not only work with established
German designers like Judith Bondy and Olivia Ballard, but also with Newcomer-talents such as Lea Theres Lahr-Thiele and Laurin Schuler. The team’s vision was to intentionally avoid name dropping and shallowness – but rather to connect creative minds from all over the world.

Sasha Kushakov Amelie Bachert Servulo Mendez Rey Sasha Kushakov Amelie Bachert Sophia Zhuraviel Carolin Bachert Adlershofer Fundus Tony Nguyen Yumiko Alith Bol Ibrahim Thiaw