Douceur chez les jeunes

This series explores the playfulness and softness of youth. The generation where the shaping of identity is right in the open and were authenticity is discovered by moving along with different shapes, angles and colours. This process of experimentation is fluid and constantly changing. The warm feeling of this series is set to embrace this quest for authenticity and created to be a safe space for this voyage of discovery. It is an ode to the young generation that dares to be special, different and above all their authentic self’s.

Photographer: Esmee Doorn

Stylist: Nour Ezzi

Make up and hair: Sophie Wortelboer @ House of Orange Agency 

Models: SalKebriKnow model Management

Bebel @ The Covenmodels

Clothes by Makeoverfactory Amsterdam, Cos, Johhny Bulls, YSL, Rolex, Gant Pantalon, Arket, &other stories and ferragio