Chroma Shift

In the editorial photographic series, the photographs will be staged portraiture shown through digital photography. The series will be photographed in a studio space with a consistent moving image used as a backdrop played from a projector. With this in mind, the backdrop played from the projector will display a variety of colours displaying a narrative story with props in the scene. As a result, the moving image played from the projector and the staged set up in the studio will distribute the difference between reality from a fantasy and the distribution of pollution in the environment of the set up and the houses displayed as a backdrop. Along with two staged female models shown, there will be different staged set ups contributing how our bodies adapt in the environment and a representation of the mind of how we feel through colours.

Photographer and Creative Direction: Amani Yasmin

Videographer and editor: Sahar Rana

Styling: Carla Candela

Hair and Make Up: Maureen Posadas

Photography Assistant: CaitlinHelia Abbaszadeh

Model: Syd DuffyCharlie Wang @ Next Canada

Clothes by Low Classic, Matérial Tbilisi, U3, Saks Potts, Sacks Potts, Vetements, Rick Owens, See by Chloe, Churchil, Tripen and A.P.C. from Gravity Pope