Art~ Pain’t

Story is about modern generation young people and art. A girl wearing vandalism or better said modern dresses in one art school location. 

The story of today shows that young people can love art and be modern at same time. To talk about open mind without prejudice. 

In this beautiful location outside in the middle of statues there is also a white graffiti sign on the walls . The locations inside with paintings and more elegant dresses represent moment of subconscious dream, between reality and dreaming when the art comes in.

Photography: Ilenia Modica

Creative Director & Stylist: Ania Chiz

Production: Imola Fedor

Hair & Make Up: Reve Ryu 

Clothes by Black White, Puma, RNA, Moschino, Adidas, Gucci, Urban Outfitters, Orphic, Calvin Klein, Loredana Roccasalva, Michael Kors, For Love and Lemons, Louis Vuitton, Loredama Lab, For Love and Leomns, Fabrizio Minardo, Versace, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Prada and Fabrizio Minardo