LOOK 1 Antoinette Blackwell.jpg
LOOK 1 Antoinette Blackwell Still.jpg
LOOK 1 Blackwell Text.jpg
LOOK 2 Benedict & Mead.jpg
LOOK 2 Benedict & Mead Still.jpg
LOOK 2 Benedict Mead Text.jpg
LOOK 3 Zora Neale Hurston.jpg
LOOK 3 Zora Neale Hurston Still.jpg
LOOK 3 Hurston Text.jpg
LOOK 4 Mary Douglas.jpg
LOOK 4 Mary Douglas Still.jpg
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LOOK 5 Napoleon Chagnon.jpg
LOOK 5 Napoleon Chagnon Still.jpg
LOOK 5 Chagnon Text.jpg
LOOK 6 Lila Abu-Lughod.jpg
LOOK 6 Lila Abu-Lughod Still.jpg
LOOK 6 Abu-Lughod Text.jpg
LOOK 7 Rosaldo & West.jpg
LOOK 7 Rosaldo & West Still.jpg
LOOK 7 Rosaldo.jpg
LOOK 8 Silva & Bailey.jpg
LOOK 8 Silva & Bailey Still.jpg
LOOK 8 Silva Text.jpg
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LOOK 9 Anna Tsing 2.jpg
LOOK 9 Tsing Text.jpg
LOOK 10 Eduardo Kohn.jpg
LOOK 10 Eduardo Kohn Still.jpg
LOOK 10 Kohn Text.jpg

Anthropology Through Time

Anthropology Through Time: Rupturing Boundaries of Culture

Anthropologists have been contesting and complicating the notion of culture since the 19th century. By chronologically depicting pivotal

anthropologists and their theories in photographic and textual form, our project captures moments at which conventional or dominant notions of

culture were ruptured. Each portrait embodies the theoretical essence of its corresponding theorist, while each accompanying still life alludes to

the dominant discourse of ‘culture’ at the time. Each caption summarizes the theoretical proposition at hand in a configuration that echoes its

respective imagery. For example, Hurston’s caption is reminiscent of a spyglass, for she peers through the “spyglass of anthropology.” The

following imagery expresses classical theories of anthropology through “joyful subversion” and engages with anthropological thought through a

creative, non-Western and non-patriarchal canon.

— Eve, Ruthie, and Grace

Photo & Styling Eve J. Liu (Instagram)

Models Eve J. Liu, Ruthie Boyd , Grace Liao

Text Eve J. Liu, Ruthie Boyd Grace Liao

Special Thanks Professor Constanza Ocampo-Raeder, Professor Daniel Hernandez

Clothes by Lululemon, Skaga, Bar III, Urban Outfitters, Carleton College, Costume Shop, Luke Vicious, Anthropologie, Uniqlo, Happy Socks, Zara, Asos, Jessica Simpson, Jen Gotch x Iconery and Etsy