A N D R E A  C R E W S

F A L L / W I N T E R 

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Paris Collection.
23 January. 2021

Andrea Crews turns 18 in 2021!

In January, the brand presents a unique pieces capsule, composed exclusively of its iconic models revisited and upcycled.

The clothes will be featured in a original video and sold in "See now, buy now". More than a digital show, the film highlights the work process implemented: how upcycling is created, declined, transformed.

Between low tech and high tech, Andrea Crews here calls on 3D resources to model the outfits. The video shows the dialogue between the infinite possibility of digital creation and the reality of craftsmanship.

Experimenting with materials and shapes blurs the lines between street and haute couture. The styling questions the notion of transformation: man / woman - beautiful / ugly - wearable / immovable and places streetwear within an innovative and joyful plastic field of expression.