published by Domenico Kang
4 November. 2020
Exclusive Editorial

Aelita is a chatacter of the novel of famous Russian writer Alexey Tolstoy. She is a young woman with blue skin living on Mars. Her name means “last seen starlight”.  In this story we wanted to rethink her personality, because she is a symbol of bondage, she can’t manage neither her body, nor her own life. At the same time “Aelita” is somewhat each of us hides inside. It’s a big metaphor for how we tend to deceive ourselves and not recognize our identity, not accept ourselves as we are (externally and spiritually).

Art Direction, Photography, Music, Video and Set Design by Rina Grero Styling by Nadin Melen Makeup by Polina Troshina Hair by Toma Savinykh Model by Alina Bolotova

Fashion by Glad Chena, Nadin Melen and H&M