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A Humble Harmony



A Humble Harmony explores the interaction with the ordinary and natural

essence of things. How can everyday designs and organic materials

be more than just goods or decoration and become one with the style

and the body? This story searches for a fusion of all three, challenges the

division between them.


Photography and Artdirection: Samira Eugster

Set Design: Salomé Merran

Sculpture Artist: Salome Cousseau

Styling: Audrey La Pladec, Elyse Arnold

Hair and Make Up: Liu Yin

Model: Clara SNew Madison Models Paris

Clothes by Loannes, Weekday, Annelise Michelson, Valentino, Nodelato, Zara, Litkovskaya, De La Froge, Justine Clenquet, Tibi, Moohong, Acne Studios, Kristina Fidelskaya, Maison Margiela, La Bagagerie, Ottolinger, Helena Thulin and Both