A  H A U N T E D 


published by Domenico Kang
12 November. 2020
Exclusive Editorial


‘a haunted house', this project's main con- ception, is a metaphor for prejudice. A preju- dice means, as you know, an fixed idea in your thought for an object. In this project, we are supposed to realize visually and vividly two words, i.e. 'in your thought' and 'fixed idea'

'House', one of our main fixture, means to private space that we absolutely don't want to be bothered or violated by others. In this point we might say that 'House' is a abstract space, which stands for 'your thought'. And we sought to represent overstated illusions(=fixed idea) in your thought by another main fixtures, 'Air-inflated-pup- pets(A.I.P)'.

Making Process



We got a practical inspiration to express this work's idea from The Bather’s Dilemma - Paul Chan Exhibitions. If without air, only pieces of fabric, but with air, transformed to bodies of air-inflated puppets flattering by wind, sym- bolize illusions of prejudice pushing it's way easily through your thought. Therefore, we'd like to highlight a conception that the preju- dice, which distresses you in your secluded thought beyond your control, might equal to a ghost(=A.I.P), which not having a substance in the least but could bother your mind as it likes.

Creative Direction & Object Design by Hoseung Shin Photography by Kyeonghee Kang Still Cut Photography by Hayun Chun Styling by Jongseon Yun Hair by Ahn Hyung Gyu Makeup by Eunbin Ha Set Styling by Suyeon KimHoseung Shin Model by EunJu Park

Fashion by Comme Des Garçons, Kapital, Zara, Bevza, By Far, Sun Woo, Dahee Kim and Golden Goose